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Architecture Introduction:

The roof features skylights that allow natural light to enter, reducing energy consumption during daylight hours. The outdoor plaza was designed as a courtyard, with the petal-like structure of the Expo Dome extending to create a covered arcade area. Petal shapes on the ground also project upward, forming floral benches where visitors can relax. The multi-dimensional design creates an integrated, spacious exhibition area.

Instead of high energy-consuming concrete, steel was used as a main support in the structure. The easy-to-disassemble and colorful steel plates were used to form the substructure and the four walls. Natural light enters through dormers on the roof during the day, reducing electricity consumption. The semi-outdoor pathway is decorated with lively flower designs. At night, the exhibition hall is illuminated and the relief sculptures provide a great playground for light and shadow.

The EXPO Dome will serve as an exhibition hall for large exhibitions, which is available for rental to government agencies and private groups.
Rental period: 08:00~20:00

EXPO Dome – Transportation Information

Yuanshan Station(exit No.1)


Visitors may search the Taipei Bus Information and Transit System for more information (Taipei Bus 5284).

  • Taipei Municipal Ming Lun High School Station: 26, 41, 111, 218 direct, 266, 266 shuttle, 280, 288, 288 shuttle, 303, 303 shuttle, 304 Chengde, 616, 618 bus.
  • Kulun St. intersection Station: 26, 41, 266, 266 shuttle, 280, 288, 288 shuttle, 290, 303, 303 shuttle, 304, Chengde, Songshan main line, 616, 618, 811 bus.
  • MRT Yuanshan Station : 21, 21 direct, 208, 208 Jihe Public Housing, 247 shuttle, 287 shuttle, 542, 677, Red 2, Red 33, Red 34 bus.