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1、This operation direction is stipulated in accordance with Item 7 of the Taipei Expo Park Venue Usage Guideline (herein as Guideline).

2、To review the regulation document (Item 5 of this Guideline), the Taipei Expo Foundation (herein as the Foundatio lowing members:)

3、The Team is composed of five to seven members, one of whom shall be appointed Convener by the Department. The rest is selected from the following members:

(1)Scholar or expert in horticulture, cultural performance, MICE industry, and promotion and marketing. 
(2)Representative from the Department of Economic Development of the Taipei City Government.
(3) Representative from the Foundation.

Each term that members appointed to this Team serves is one year, and is eligible for reappointment when the term expires. When an appointed member vacancy occurs during the term, a new member shall be appointed to fill in the remaining term.

Members shall physically attend meetings. No agents are allowed, excluding the Department or Foundation representatives.

The Team shall invite unit representatives, professionals, or applicants to be present at meetings according to administrative purposes.

4、The Convener should act as the Chair of the Team. A member shall be designated to preside over meetings if the Convener fails to do so for any reason.

5、Decisions shall be made during the meeting by a majority vote when majority of the members are present. The Chair has the power to make the tiebreaking vote.

6、The review should be conducted with consideration of the integrity of the application, venue security, executive capability, resume, and purpose of venue usage. The Foundation shall notify the applicant of the review results, and be responsible for schedule arrangements.
In the event of a conflict in schedule, the venue shall be made available to the applicant based on the nature of their organization, past experiences and efficacy, type of activity, and activity benefits.

7、The member shall be excused or terminated if one of the following circumstances occurs during the term:

(1)The applicant is the member himself/herself, or a member’s spouse, ex-spouse, relatives within the fourth degree, or relatives within the third degree by marriage.
(2)The member, the member’s spouse or ex-spouse shares the same right or obligation as with the applicant. 
(3)The member was or is the employer, employee, or agent of the applicant. 
(4)There is proof of fact that the member has compromised his or her standing as an impartial member.

8、The meeting of this Team shall convene as per demand.

9、All members of this team shall serve voluntarily without pay.

10、All expenditure from this team shall be paid from the budget of the Foundation.