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Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday: 09:00~18:00
Admission will cease 30 minutes before the Pavilion’s closing time every day.
Closed to the public on Mondays;
For business collaboration projects nighttime in-depth experiences can be scheduled

Ticketing Information

Please contact the Pavilion of Angel Life or dial the service hotline at (02)2585-7228 ext. 9.
Official website: Angel Life Pavilion

Transport Information


  • MRT Tamsui Line Yuanshan Station(Exit No.1):
  • Take the Red 50 bus.
  • Walk along Yumen St. and turn left at the intersection of Yumen St. and Minzu Rd. into Minzu W. Rd., walk straight to reach the destination. Approximately walking time: 15 minutes.
  • MRT Luzhou Line Zhongshan Elementary School Station(Exit No.4):
  • Walk along Minquan E. Rd.and turn left at the intersection of Minquan and Jilin Rd., walk along Jilin Rd. to reach the destination. Approximately walking time: 10 minutes.



  • Neihu-MRT Yuanshan Station:72, 222, 285 Jilin, 665, 527, Citizen’s Bus 9, Brown 16, Red 34, Red 50 and Dunhua main line bus.
  • The Taipei City Public Transportation Office appeals to the public to make use of public transportation in order to prevent traffic congestion.



The Pavilion of Angel Life, located at Xinsheng Park Area, is operated by the Angel Art Gallery. It is a green building using natural sunlight, ventilation and resources by installing solar power panels, rainwater harvest system, energy-saving central air-conditioning system and water-saving system to reach the true potential of green technology.

The Pavilion of Angel Life promotes green lifestyle and aesthetic life through digital innovation and interactive technology, which enable shared vision of uplifted lifestyles.

“The Pavilion of Angel Life” is designed to cater for the public’s needs such as dining, clothing, accommodation, transportation, education and entertainment; therefore, it features various distinctive performance areas and functionalities. In so doing, the pavilion not only embodies the unique Taiwanese living aesthetics but also conveys domestic/international marketing messages as well as creates a bridge that brings together arts and life! In addition, it too serves as a multifunctional platform for domestic manufacturers to market their brands.

Art Hall: The Pyramid View of Life
Exterior of the Pavilion of Angel Life

Art Hall: The Pyramid View of Life

The public is welcome to visit the abundant exhibitions.
“The Pavilion of Angel Life” is a green, digital exhibition hall featuring natural lighting, ventilation and natural energy such as solar power, rainwater recycle system, energy-efficient geothermal air-conditioning system and water-conservation facilities etc. In the interior, there is flowing water, flower scenery combined with cutting-edge energy-saving and digital technology to allow visitors to enjoy an innovative digital green lifestyle in the new era.

Inside the Pavilion of Angel Life, the edutainment approach will be adopted to promote living aesthetics and green life. Digital technology experience is applied to convey people’s expectations towards a better future as well as the attitude of sustainable development and green energy. As a whole, they serve to embody the Pavilion of Angel Life’s theme of simplicity, carbon-reduction and frugality.

The art exhibition venue allows artists to curate exhibitions or local cultural theme exhibitions. The elevated green architecture is utilized to create the Art Hall that boasts rich spatial layers, making it an ideal venue for international visual arts performances, exhibitions or exchanges. Through the implementation of technology, arts and trendy art installations, we will take you to roam the world of fantasy.

Living Wisdom Center – Animation Projection
Living Wisdom Center – Animation Projection

Living Wisdom Center: Where Art Meets Design

The fusion of greenness, art and living aesthetics is transformed into the concept of wisdom through digital technology. Besides performance, theme exhibition and life fashion show, the minimalistic, exquisite lifestyle and environment of premium quality homes in Taiwan will also be presented before the visitors.

Wishing Garden
Wishing Garden

Living Wisdom Center: Where Art Meets Design

The planned exhibitions and events here are aimed to entertain the viewers with five senses sensations. Whereby, the theme is alternated every month, and experts from all walks of life are invited to interact with the visitors. For instance: tea masters, coffee professionals, calligraphers, musicians, floriculture/horticulture experts, smart-living experts etc. The ultimate goal of the Pavilion of Angel Life is to become a flagship venue for culture & creative and lifestyle, one that will have its visitors revisit over and over every month or every season.