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Venue Introduction

The Yuanshan Plaza of Taipei Expo Park consists of three venues; the gallery plaza’s daily rental fee is NT$30,000, while the rental fee for the entrance plaza and flower sea plaza is NT$7,500 per day. The gallery plaza has a total surface area of 2,270 m2 (100*22.7) and features lofted ceiling; the entrance plaza and the flower sea plaza both have a surface area of 1,000 m2 (43.5*23/43*23 respectively). The plaza is near the No.1 exit of the MRT Yuanshan Station for optimal transport convenience. The venue is suitable for organizing various promotional, public welfare or social education events, it can also be rented by government organs or civic organizations.
Rental period: 08:00~20:00

Yuanshan Plaza – Transportation Information

Yuanshan Station(exit No.1)


Visitors may search the Taipei Bus Information and Transit System for more information (Taipei Bus 5284).

  • MRT Yuanshan Station (Yumen St.): 21, 28, 42, 208, 247, 542, 677, Red 2, Red 33, Red 34 (holidays only), Red 50.
  • Zhongshan Soccer Stadium Stop (stops on Minzu E. Rd.): 208, 246, 542, 218, Red 33, Red 34 (holidays only).