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I. The following terms and conditions, as stipulated by the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government (herein as Department) and the Taipei Expo Foundation (herein as the Foundation), serve to reinforce the venue management at Taipei Expo Park.
II. The venues of TaipeiExpo Park (herein as Venues) include the EXPO Dome and Yuanshan Plaza in Yuanshan Park Area, EXPO Hall in Fine Arts Park Area, and other exhibition halls designated by the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government (herein as Department). The Venues may only be accessed for the following events:

  1. EXPO Dome
  (1) Events include all exhibitions and meetings.
  (2) Other events held under the approval of the Foundation.
  2. Yuanshan Plaza (including Corridor Area, Entrance Area, and Flower Sea Area)
  (1) All propaganda, charity, cultural, social education events, or club activities.
  (2) All events related to leisure activities, sports, religious celebration, and folk festival.
  (3) Other events held under the approval of the Foundation.
  3. EXPO Hall
    (1) All cultural and art exhibitions.
    (2) All meetings, workshops, promotional or club activities.
    (3) Other events held under the approval of the Foundation.
  4. Events approved by the Foundation may be held at other designated exhibition halls.
III. Venue usage applications shall be submitted within the following deadline:
 1. Annual applications for general schedule

  • EXPO Dome: Application procedures for schedules between January and June of the following year start from June every year, while the application procedures for July to December of the following year begin in December.
  • EXPO Hall and Yuanshan Plaza: Application procedures for schedules between April and June of each year will start December; applications for July to September begin in March; applications for October to December begin in June; and applications for January to March of the following year begin in September.
  • Other exhibition halls designated by the Foundation: Application procedures to be announced by the Foundation in accordance with the actual conditions.

 2. Applications for special schedules
  Applications for international conferences or exhibitions and large-scale art performances must be submitted before the dates specified under Item 1.
 3. Sudden applications for the remaining dates on schedule
  The show calendar will be announced after the review of applications for all Venues. If there are no standby applicants for the remaining dates on schedule,   sudden applications may be submitted in accordance with the announcement of the Department.
IV. For applicants applying for the Venues, an application form (as attached) and relevant documents must be submitted with the following details specified to the Foundation for review. A power of attorney shall be attached if the application is filed via proxy:
 1. The name, ID number, address, and phone number of applicant. For applicants who are legal persons or groups operating under managers or representatives,  the name, company or corporation, or the name, birthday, residence, ID number of the manager or representative should be specified.
 2. The purpose of use, manner, and usage period.
 3. Activity content or activity proposal
 4. The content, format, and location of posters, promotion materials, and other brochures should be posted or distributed at the Venues.
 5. The methods of installation and list of risers, and electronic equipment to be installed at the Venues.
 6. The proposal for traffic and safety control.
V. Upon receiving the application approval, applicants must pay the venue fee, deposit, and other charges before the following deadline or they will lose the privilege to use the venue.
 1. EXPO Dome:Forty-five (45) days prior to the first day of event.
 2. For EXPO Hall, Yuanshan Plaza and other designated exhibition halls: Fifteen (15) days prior to the first day of event.
For safety concerns, the Foundation may request applicants to purchase fire insurance, public accident insurance, or other reasonable insurance policies with the Department as beneficiary.
Applicants shall access the venue only within the stated period of use. Additional charges will be incurred for use of the venue every hour outside the scheduled period. Usage periods under 60 minutes are counted as one hour. Please see the announcements from each venue for the rates of overtime and penalty payments. No overtime is allowed when the next schedule is booked. The period of use shall include the rehearsal, actual day of activity, and the set up and dismantle of venue.
VI. Once the Department receives the venue hire application, the review team will begin to process the application and then start the scheduling procedure as soon as the application is accepted. Applicants shall be informed of application results within one month of the final application date. Once an application is accepted, applicants will be put on the standby list if there is a scheduling conflict. 
The regulations above do not apply to applicants that are government institutes. The schedule is to be decided by the Foundation according to the actual demand.
VII. The applicant shall not conduct any business transactions unless permitted by the Foundation. If the applicant is to collect entrance fees and print tickets, they must apply for a permit from the Foundation and report to the relevant authorities.
VIII. The applicant must follow the following regulations for use of the Venues. Those who have permission from the Foundation are excluded.
 1. Activities must be carried out in accordance with the terms in the application and permits issued by the Foundation. The venue, facilities, and all items must be restored to the original condition after the conclusion of the event.
 2. Posters and other promotion materials at the venue, if any, must by posted at the location in accordance with the terms in the application and permits issued by the Foundation. Everything must be restored to the original condition after the conclusion of the event. 
 3. The applicant shall not paste, nail, spray-paint, carve, drill or otherwise deface the venue and its walls, floors, and other facilities. 
 4. The applicant shall be responsible to set up the stage, sound systems, lightings, and other equipment required during the event. The installation of risers, lightings, and electrical equipment at the venue shall be performed by qualified staffs, and the location and installation of which shall be in accordance with the terms in the application as well as relevant regulations. The venue shall be restored to its original condition after the conclusion of the event. 
 5. The hirer may not sublet or license any part of the venue to third parties. All equipment and items shall be kept in the possession of the hirer.
 6. The hirer shall maintain order and be responsible of the facility, public safety, traffic control, environmental cleanliness, and the removal of rubbish during the period of use, and accept the guidance given by the venue manager. 
 7.Firecrackers, fireworks, balloons, sky lanterns, campfire, grills, or other articles with public safety concerns are strictly prohibited in the Venues.
 8.Vehicles weighs over 3.5 tons shall not be allowed inside the Venues, and shall be removed immediately after unloading. 
 9. To ensure a quiet environment surrounding the Venues, the installation and removal of the stage, lightings, sound systems, electrical equipment, and other facilities during nighttime must be in accordance with the noise control regulations. Any penalties incurred from relevant violations shall be deducted from the deposit. The hirer shall cover the fine if it exceeds the amount of deposit. 
 10.The venue usage application shall be processed in accordance to the terms and conditions of each exhibition hall.
The hirer shall cover any damage occurred to the Foundation. The Foundation may refuse the applicant for their next application.
The Foundation may remove the facility with costs covered by the applicant if the applicant violates regulations stipulated in Section 2, 3, 4, or 7.
IX. After obtaining the permit, the hirer of the EXPO Dome must cancel the event, if necessary, with written notice to the Foundation forty-five (45) days prior to the day of use. All fees and deposits will be fully refunded. Charges that have been made shall not be returned.
Half of the fee and the charges that have been made shall not be returned if the applicant fails to notify of any cancelations within the period specified above. Unless in the case where the applicant is not liable, the hirer shall indemnify the Foundation in respect of any damages incurred.