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Taipei Expo Park venue rental (1)Application form (2) Proposal write-up instructions and template (3) Power of attorney
Proposal write-up instructions (template included for the applicant’s reference)
When applying for venues, the event proposal should be submitted with the following items:

  1. Event name, organizer/implementation, application date/time (include equipment setup and disassembly) as well as the venue applied.
  2. Nature of the event, objective, planning and rundown.
  3. Invited guests or visitors, expected number of invited persons or number of visitors (event benefit).
  4. Admission method: If ticketing is required, please specify it in the proposal.
  5. Posters, promotional slogans and other promotional materials needed inside and outside the venue. Please specify the content of the promotional materials, how and where they will be posted.
  6. Rigging and electrical equipment needed for the venue. Please specify the type of equipments used and how and where they will be constructed.
  7. Plans to maintain order, safety and traffic flow inside and outside the venue. 

I. Items 1~4 must be submitted to the foundation along with the application form. If the submitted information is inadequate or if necessary details are not clearly stated in the proposal, the foundation will request the applicant to make amendments within the deadline. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of the application.

II. Items 5~7 should be submitted before the deadline after receiving application approval notification from the foundation.